Worship Mayor

Cllr M. Zondi

Mr. M. Zondi.

Deputy Mayor

Cllr MP Dlamini

Mr. Dlamini.


Cllr NP Mdunge

Mrs. NP Mdunge

Municipal Manager

Mr. NM Mabaso

Mr. Maxwel Mabaso.

uMshwathi Local Municipality


UMshwathi LM economy is focused on the agricultural sector and other economic activities primarily related to this sector. It is not surprising then, that sectoral employment trends mirror these economic trends, with the greatest percentage of people being employed in the farming sector. According to uMgungundlovu District Municipality IDP 2017/18, there are six critical sectors that contribute more than 92% of the district economy: agriculture, manufacturing, wholesale and trade, finance, community service and households. .


The manufacturing sector contributes 19.9% to the local GDP (Statistics SA 2011). Manufacturing activities are mainly related to agricultural processing activities, notably sugar and timber processing activities, and to a lesser extent processing and manufacturing of food. In the interim, a superficial glance at the municipality indicates the major industries as Illovo suger milling in Noodsberg and sugar and maize mill and tannin producing plant of UCL Company Limited in Dalto. Other businesses of significance include the feedlots of Triple A, Crafcor and Argyle poultry. There is evidence of numerous downstream industries developing as consequence of these industries..

Commercial and Social Services

UMshwathi comprises of four major urban centres (New Hanover, Wartburg, Dalton, and Cool Air). Wartburg and New Hanover are the commonly used centres within the UMshwathi Municipality. These areas have largely urban settings and incorporate the major economic and administration activities of the Municipality. It accommodates the municipal offices, Provincial Government offices, major schools, police stations, a magistrate’s court and a large variety of commercial and retail outlets. These nodal areas are linked by good transportation/ road networks which all link to the major transportation routes within the Municipality i.e. the R33 (Greytown Road) and the R614 (Wartburg Road). R33 provides a high degree of accessibility between the urban centres and also with the surrounding Municipalities of Umvoti, Msinga and Endumeni (within the Umzinyathi District)..

Electricity needs and priorities

The needs and the priorities currently revolve around Eskom upgrading their bulk infrastructure. If they fail to improve the bulk infrastructure the chances of the communities receiving household connections and potential for economic development are extremely poor. The map below shows the potential on the Eskom network for new connections: Immediate Connections – Grid Connections (1185 Households) 1 Year – Grid Connections: 2745 (Upgrades to MV Networks), 5 Year Plan – Grid Connections: 5890, 5 Year Plan – Enable Grid Connections (Substation Establishment). The potential delay in the delivery of electricity connections has to be addressed as an interim measure. Interactions with the Department of Energy has revealed that there is funding available for non-grid electricity and the municipality is currently investigating this form of electricity the 5 890 houses that will only get electricity in five years.



uMshwathi LM sits in the KwaZulu-Natal province as a local municipality of uMgungundlovu District Municipality. The

uMshwathi Municipality features transportation networks such as the R33 (Old Greytown Road) and the R614 (Wartburg

Road) which provide linkages from main centres such as Durban and Pietermaritzburg, to the interior of the province such

as Greytown and Dundee. At a local level, both the R33 and the R614 have been identified as primary corridors that have

the potential to become key development routes within the Municipality and Province by linking markets, places and


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National Building and Social Cohesion

Safety and Security

Safety and Security

The plan defines crime prevention and community safety and describes several commonly used, crime prevention and community safety models. Achieving a safer community requires a combined approached from both Municipality and community. Since uMshwathi Municipality did not have a crime safety plan and only started with the Safety Plan towards the end of 2016/2017, action plan will be developed that will shape uMshwathi Municipality work into the future around crime prevention and community safety. Therefore, the Action Plan relies upon for going partnerships with key community role players in crime prevention and safety, including all stakeholders of uMshwathi Municipality which is all five (5) police stations within our Municipality, the Department of Community Safety, government department and NGO’s to ensure the.

Latest News

The Minister of Human Settlements, Ms Mmamoloko Kubayi and MEC Mr Jomo Sibiya met with Leadership and Officials of uMgungundlovu District and uMshwathi Local Municipality . They then visited Housing project in Trust Feed in Ward 9 to inspect Slums clearance project.Mayor of UMshwathi , Cllr Mandla Zondi appreciated the support they received from Department of Human Settlements. He further indicated that the housing project will have a positive impact on the lives of people who were long been marginalized by apartheid.


189 community members of uMshwathi who were affected by the last month unrest  received food parcels donated by ILOVO. Thanks 👏 to all ward’s leadership for effort , solidarity and prompt response to the crisis. May God give all of  you more courage and power ✊🏼 to do more for the people.


Officially unveiling of three recently completed bridges


Minister of Public Works and Infrastructure, Patricia de Lille, Deputy Minister, Noxolo Kiviet along with the MEC for Transport in KwaZulu Natal, Peggy Nkonyeni and other local leaders have arrived at Ekhamanzi area in the uMshwathi Minicipality to officially unveil three recently completed bridges in the area. These projects will significantly improve the community’s access to social amenities such as schools and clinics.

Minister of Public Works and Infrastructure, Patricia de Lille,

Posted March 2021

Deputy Minister, Noxolo Kiviet

Posted March 2021

uMshwathi Deputy Mayor; Mr. MP Dlamini

Posted March 2021

Completed Bridge at Ekhamanzi

Posted March 2021
uMshwathi Bulk Water Scheme


Community members of uMshwathi as a whole appreciated the water scheme. Mayor of uMshwathi Cllr Mandla Zondi urged community members to look after water infrastructure

Launch of UMshwathi Bulk Water Scheme

Posted November 2020

Official opening plaque by Minister L. Sisulu and KZN Premier S. Zikalala.

Launch of UMshwathi Bulk Water Scheme

Posted November 2020

Briefing session in uMshwathi council chambers.

Launch of UMshwathi Bulk Water Scheme

Posted November 2020

uMshwathi Mayor, Cllr. Mandla Zondi doing a welcoming of ministers and other guests in the council chambers.

Launch of UMshwathi Bulk Water Scheme

Posted November 2020

Minister of Human Settlements , Water and Sanitation Ms Lindiwe Sisulu, KZN Premier, Sihle Zikalala, Deputy Minister , David Mahlobo, MEC Champion of uMgungundlovu District Municipality Mr Ravi Pillay, uMgungundlovu District Mayor Cllr.Thobekile Maphumulo, Ilembe District Mayor Cllr. Sduduzo Gumede, Leadership of uMshwathi Municipality led by Mayor Cllr. Mandla Zondi and uMngeni Board Chairperson Mr Magasela Mzobe.

Launch of UMshwathi Bulk Water Scheme

Posted November 2020

Minister of Human Setlements , Water and Sanitation Ms Lindiwe Sisulu, KZN Premier, Sihle Zikalala, Deputy Minister , David Mahlobo, MEC Champion of uMgungundlovu District Municipality uMgungundlovu District Mayor Cllr.Thobekile Maphumulo.

Community Leanership Graduation Ceremony

Posted 2019

About 600 uMshwathi learners have graduated on the following categories. Community Health ,Water and Sanitation; Disaster Risk Management; Local Economic Development and Supervision of Construction Process..

Community Safety

Posted July 2019

Community safety engagements.

Latest Graduates

Posted 2019

Latest graduate from uMshwathi Local Municipality Staff.

MTN and ISOLEZWE Donations

July 2020

MTN and ISOLEZWE donated with 5000 masks and 1000 sanitizers to support uMshwathi community members who are completely unable to get masks and sanitizers. The Mayor of uMshwathi ,Cllr. Mandla Zondi urged all Citizens of uMshwathi to wear mask and sanitize regularly to curb the spread of the Corona which is accelerating with a speed in all areas.

MTN and ISOLEZWE Donations

MTN and ISOLEZWE Donations

Public Engagement

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